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Resort accommodation in El Nido and Port Barton.

Corong–Corong Sunset.

Sunset at Corong–Corong .

Palawan Greenviews has two resorts on Palawan; the resort at Port Barton opened November 1997 and at Corong–Corong, El Nido opened in November 2007.

Both are ideal holiday destinations for guests seeking a genuine friendly, clean and relaxing environment located in two different areas of outstanding natural beauty. A beauty enhanced by the sympathetic construction of native style cottages and restaurants blending into the surrounding wilderness.

El Nido Resort

El Nido Resort.

Booking & Enquiries.

To make a booking or for more information, please email :– palawandg@clara.co.uk

Please state which resort in your original booking email request.

Last minute bookings please also call the resorts direct as well as emailing.

  • for El Nido phone :– 0921 586 1442
  • for Port Barton phone :– 0929 268 5333


the exhausting tasks of resting in hammocks, lying on sun bed
The sea is quite shallow in front of the resort, ideal for young children

Booking Terms & Conditions.

A deposit of two nights accommodation fee will be required, payable within one week of confirmation of booking or the booking will be automatically cancelled.

If guests do not arrive on the first day covered by the deposit, the deposit will be lost for that first day. It will also be lost for the second day of non–arrival and the booking cancelled unless notified by telephone or email by 12 noon that you will be late.

Guests arriving from Coron by boat should be aware that boats are often cancelled so guests coming from Coron to Greenviews do so at their own risk.

If the boats are cancelled and your journey is delayed the deposit will be lost and you must claim on your insurance or from the boat company. Greenviews management do not accept any liability for delays to your journey caused by others.

Your booking for the days not covered by a deposit will also be cancelled unless notified of new arrival time by telephone or Email but not by text as texts sometimes do not get through.

To avoid this risk we suggest that you fly to and from Coron via Manila as boat cancellations happen frequently. This causes a lot of stress to guests who are stranded by cancellation of the ferry boats.

If a deposit has been paid and we manage to re–let, then we will refund the deposit less 10% administration fee.

the fascinating natural and unique beauty of Palawan

El Nido Resort.

Palawan Greenviews Resorts Palawan Greenviews Resorts


  1. Port Barton closed 1 May to allow rebuilding. The restaurant building at the back has been knocked down and is being rebuilt with two storeys at the front overlooking the beach to allow guest to eat and drink whilst enjoying the wonderful sea views.
    The cottages are being modernised including the installation of hot showers. Free 24 hour WIFI using a satellite system will be installed.
    We expect to open by 1 December at the latest. Please call resort or email palawandg@clara.co.uk if you want to go there in November in case we open earlier than 1 December.
  2. Electricity supplied by the Electricity Company in El Nido had become totally unreliable with frequent brown outs sometimes lasting days but since March 2013, when a new town big generator was installed, we have had a reliable electricity supply 2pm-6am and everybody is happy.
  3. A 15 hectare Jungle & Waterfall Wildlife Sanctuary has been purchased near El Nido. The opening date of this area cannot be determined at the moment as other commitments prevent us from making the paths safe for visitors. As soon as we know when it is suitable for visitors we will announce it on this website.
  4. We now have 24 hours free WI–FI at El Nido.
  5. Sad news, our tame baby otter has died after eating a poisonous crab. All the Greenviews staff are devastated and we know former guests who befriended Lucky will be upset too.
The latest star performer at Greenviews El Nido is our baby otter, Lucky
one of our dogs has taken over the role of mother having lost her own puppies.